Large Up reggae radio podcast 30-09-2018

Large Up Sound Station pour une sélection 100% digital avec Anthony Red Rose, Tenor Saw, Robert Lee, Wayne Smith… on continu avec Heckle & Jeckle pour nous présenté la soirée du VENDREDI 5 OCTOBRE au Workshop Paris et les productions brand new avec Riddim Tuffa Sound, Mungo’s Hi Fi, Midnight Resistance HiFi, Napem records, Ram Goat Records. Bonne semaine à tous avec Large Up Sound Station !!!

Tracklist Large Up 30-09-2018

The Man X and The Wailers Band – It won’t come easy
Max Romeo – If them Ever
John Alexander – Give Thanks and Praises
Judy Mowatt – Black Woman
John Holt – Strange Things
Horace Martin – Zuggy Zuggy
Joseph Hill & Culture – Police Man
Tenor Saw – Come me just a Come
Tenor Saw – Victory Train
Anthony Red Rose – Tempo
Robert Lee – Come Now
Dennis Brown – The Exit
Wayne Smith – Icky All over
Tonto Irie – Life Story
Wayne Smith – In thing
Dominik – Run the Country
Super Barry – The Best
Danny Coxson – Legend
George Palmer – Boom Salute
Tenor Youthman – The Standard
Don Camilo – Don
Don Camilo – Poison
Anthony John – Fair Play
Echo Minott feat. Jahnny Minott – Money
King Kong – Some a Dem
Supercat – Dance Inna New York
Chief Rockas ft Supercat – Dance Inna New York
Escape Roots ft. Skari – Feel Good (Puffers Mix)
Taiwan Mc – Blaze Up The Highest Grade
King General – Life
Spy ft. Lasai – Wha Dem a
Dixie Peach – Eject A Sound (Midnight Resistance Hi Fi)
Chicken Chest – Skank And Dip (Midnight Resistance Hi Fi)
Pad Anthony – She A Fe Get It (Ram Goat Records)
Junior_Cat – Non Stop (Ram Goat Records)
General G – No Nicotine
Holly Hammond – Master Blaster