Large Up reggae radio podcast 22-04-2018

Large Up Sound Station playing Roots reggae music to RubaDub and Deejay style all the way to Digital. Ranking K alongside Nino at the control. Une émission qui fait la part belle aux repress et original 45t pour une sélection 100% vinyl. En première partie on s’écoute d’excellent oldies roots reggae préparé par Nino, puis en deuxième set Ranking prend les manettes pour une offrir toute une collection de perles du rubadub pour la plupart en originaux vinyl. Bonne semaine à tous avec Large Up Sound Station !

Tracklist Large Up 22-04-2018

Larry Marshall – My Foreparents
Sonya Spence – Peace & Unity
Sabrina Williams – Just another Man
Impact all star’s – Just another Dub
The Liberators – Enemies are coming
The Revolutionaries – Pickney have pickney
Ronnie Davis – Strange Things
Carl Moore – My forefathers died in the sand
Tinga Stewart – Coo Deh
Hopeton Lindo – We are One
Eric Donaldson – Rocky Road
Merva Grier – feeling like a Million
Steve Knight – Love me entertainement
The Gladiators – Jah o Jah o
Trinity – Economic Crisis
Barry Brown – Mafia
Michael Campbell – Friend and Money
Yellowman – Mr. Chin
Trinity – Real Ranking
Captain Sinbad – Party Time
D. Scott – Don’t Worry Me
Patrick Andy – Youthman
Pad Anthony – Working Class
Welton Irie – We Yu fa
Jim Brown – Learn Fi Wine
Lady Ann – Informer
Screwdriver – Ganja Killer
Papa Levi – My God My King
Ranking Devon – Trespassing
U Mike – Island in the Sun
Ginal – Two is Better
Early B – Jamaica
Anthony Johnson – We no lickshot
Sassa Frass – Pocomania Jump
Culture Roy – Ny am with yu Hand
Little John – Acting So Strange
Dennis Brown – No More walls
Nino Selecta & Krak in Dub – No more walls RMX