Large Up sound station alongside Ludosteppa pour une nouvelle session 45T reggae new roots ponctuée d’influences jamaicaines diverses et variés à travers les années et les styles… A ne pas manquer dans la prochaine emission Large Up des places à gagner pour le concert d’Anthony B le 6 octobre à la salle Paul Baillard de Massy (91)… stay tuned !

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Tracklist Large Up 28-09-2008

Lukie D – Na Give in
Tony Curtis – Still a Burn
Don Carlos – Man and Woman
Vivian Jones – Legalise Ganja
Horace Andy – Money Money
King Kong – Break Down the Walls
Wayne Smith – Run away
Junior Cat – Get get we out
Pinchers – Slaughterer
Buju Banton – Bobby Red
Garnet Silk, Cocoa Tea, Charlie Chaplin – Every Knee Shall Bow
Junior Reid – Haul and Pull up
ILue – Tan so black
Burro Banton – Praise Jah
Luciano – Rock and Come

Ziggy Marley – Water and Oil
Mykal Rose – Street Wise
Don youth & Quicksilver – Pump it
Junior Kelly – Place for Rastafari
Turbulence – Finally Free
the Nine O’s & Goofy – Big Spender
Lukie D – Lord here I call
Lukie D – Praise Him
Anthony B – Let Jah be your Guide
Anthony B – Jah War
Mega Banton – The Bible
Bunny Lye lye – Nah give up
Admiral Tibet – Break the Barriers
Mickey Spice – Row brother row
Sluggy Ranks – Jamaican Unite
Mickey Spice & Future Trouble (remix) – Get the vibes
Singer J – Always sing

Yami Bolo – Jah’s love
General Degree – Money love
Yami Bolo – Smith and Wesson
Jah Mason – Slip and Slide
Capleton – Statement
Admiral Tibet – Couldn’t believe it
Capleton – Can tan yah

Capleton – Prophet Rides again
Capleton – Rise
Alborosie – Rainy Days
Luciano – Business lock
Alborosie – Holy mount Zion
Morgan Heritage – Guards up
Chezidek – Life gives us everything
Anthony B – On spot herb shop
Sizzla – Africa prepare

Ras shiloh – This Generation
Lukie D – More them want
Luciano – Terrorist Attack
Luciano – Time and Age
Mykal Rose – Give I strength
George Nooks – A little bit more